Fake Reviews Destroy Businesses

Many restaurant or hotel owners will admit they live in fear of fake or unreasonable reviews. The idea that someone you’ve probably ever met has control over your business’ reputation from behind their computer, is frankly terrifying.

9 out of 10 Customers Want to Read Reviews About You

But the fact is that with 86% of customers across the board – not just in the  hospitality industry – saying that they are more likely to buy from a company with positive online reviews than from one that doesn’t have any, more and more customers want to read reviews about your company before they’re willing to buy from you.

Consider a typical scenario: a new hotel opens up and starts doing really well. Initially, no-one else in the industry cares. But as the new hotel’s success starts to threaten the established players in the market, soon negative reviews start appearing in free reviews websites.

Nonplussed, the hotel owner investigates and discovers that the reviews that are now damaging the hotel’s reputation and losing them bookings, are fake. They’ve been written by someone who hasn’t even stayed in the hotel.

With Free Reviews Sites You’re Usually Defenceless

So the owner writes to the reviews website and, while he may be lucky and get the fake review removed, in most cases, he gets what looks like an automated response saying

‘Sorry, but this review doesn’t contravene our guidelines’.

Powerless to do anything, the hotel owner comes to realise that he’s allowed his business’ reputation to be transferred into the hands of an organisation that has no loyalty towards him and doesn’t care whether he succeeds or fails.

With MiReviewz however, things are very different.

But What About Old Reviews on Free Sites?

By transitioning to MiReviewz from free sites where you have no protection, while we can’t stop your prospects finding old reviews on the Internet, nonetheless, if you feature the MiReviewz widget prominently on your site, with our easy to use reviewing system, pretty soon, the majority of your clients are going to be reviewing you on MiReviewz instead of the old free site, as it’s much easier and quicker to do so.

And with each new review placed on MiReviewz, old reviews on free sites become irrelevant, outdated, less prominent and difficult to find. So, the more reviews you get on MiReviewz the harder it becomes for your commercial enemies to damage you with fake reviews on free sites – since few of your prospective customers will be looking there any more.