Why Not Use a Free Reviews Website?

If you’re a business owner and considering registering your business with a free reviews website, take a moment to ask yourself the question, How do ‘free’ reviews sites make their money?

The answer is obvious: by using your company’s name or reputation to draw your prospective customers to their website where they’ll be exposed to one or more of the following:

  • Advertising that’s lucrative to the people who own the free reviews site, or else to
  • The site’s own commercial offers
  • Affiliates’ products

Shocking really, isn’t it? But this is exactly what happens. By registering your business on the free reviews website, you are actually helping the reviews site compete with your own website on search engines such as Google.

Free Reviews Sites Poach Your Customers

The result of this is that when customers search for you they are likely to see your company’s snippet from the free reviews site, placed very prominently on the front page of the search results. And if your prospective customer clicks on the reviews site you can be sure that – as well as getting distracted with lots of advertising – your customers are also going to be exposed to your competitors’ services, thus reducing the likelihood that they’ll buy from you.

And delaying a sale while inviting your customers to consider alternatives to your company is precisely the opposite of what every business owner in their right mind actually wants.

MiReviewz Earns Its Income Only From Subscriptions

MiReviewz is completely different in its approach. We don’t need to advertise on our site since we earn our income from loyally serving our subscribers and helping eliminate obstacles to sales. So, rather than bouncing your clients around our now site, while enhancing our own SEO and exposing your customers to alternatives that compete with you, instead we ensure that if your clients click on a link from the widget on your site to our site:

  • There’s absolutely no advertising that the client will see
  • We don’t entice the client to click anywhere else within our site
  • The client arrives into a ‘cul-de-sac’ in our site, on a page that only promotes your company
  • Our site opens in a new tab, so your own website remains open in the client’s browser
  • When your client closes our tab, they’re automatically looking at your own site again

Third Party Off-Site Customer Reviews Win Trust Fast

In many cases however, the very fact of having what to most visitors are clearly reviews hosted off-site (rather than selectively edited self-published testimonials which achieve little), most prospective clients are already sufficiently reassured as to give you their trust, and they won’t even need toenter our site. Remember, our sole purpose is to promote our clients (ie. you), not poach your customers; because if you’re happy with our services you’ll subscribe to us again next year. It’s as simple as that.