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by MiReviewz 621249     February 11, 2015    
(Updated: September 06, 2016)
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It is my personal belief that around the year 2007 Team Kilimanjaro came to consolidate its position as the best climb operator in Tanzania. The problem is that while this claim is true for us alone, there are a couple of hundred other operators that claim the same thing on their own websites! It is therefore entirely pointless to write on one's own website that one is the best climb operator, as most of the other Kilimanjaro climb operators are doing that even though the majority of them are not achieving particularly high standards. Discerning readers will therefore disregard any claims of superiority if these originate from the businesses themselves. It became obvious to us, therefore, that the only credible means of persuading a prospective client that our operation is the best in the business is to ensure that prospective future clients get this perspective from people who have already done business with us in the past. Anything less than that is going to have doubtful credibility. We ourselves when looking at other businesses' websites disregard self-published testimonials as they are subject to the editorial control of the vested interest, i.e. the business hosting the website, and it's therefore obvious that they're only going to publish the creme de la creme of feedback they've received over the years. The reason that is so incredibly effective, is that when clients come to our own website, on the one hand they immediately see ratings of our performance by people who have actually climbed the mountain with us, and yet on the other hand - unlike websites like Trip Advisor where you are thrown into a seething cauldron of hundreds of different competitors and the client ends up more confused than when they started, and further from a buying decision than ever - with MiReviewz once you get through to the listing page you are generally the only visible business on the page. Clients therefore don't get distracted by looking at other competing businesses. Additionally, we notice that a new tab opens up, and the original website tab for our business remains available for the client easily to click back to. Since our prospective clients seem to have such high trust for the authenticity and credibility of's reviews, we have found that once we had more than three or four reviews on our MiReviewz listing our conversion rate seems to have increased massively. It is difficult to put an exact figure on the increase, since it's hard to know whether the increase in our business has simultaneously been attributable to other factors. However, since we haven't done much differently to what we did before, and since we were already established for about nine years when we started using MiReviewz's services, if we were forced to put a figure on it, I would guess that simply having the MiReviewz widget and associated listing has probably increased our turnover by around 15 to 20%. We are incredibly happy that we discovered this product and recommend every single business around the world (except of course fellow climb operators) to make use of the service. For our part, we would like to be able to review other businesses and suppliers that we ourselves are happy with and believe that using MiReviewz is the most effective way of enhancing the company's reputation.

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May 29, 2013
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